Thank a Teacher Program

Thank your favorite teacher launches on Jan 25th!





This is the cutest thing ever! I purchased it as a gift for Administrative Assistant's Day and know my husband's secretary will love it! Great product and very unique.

Ellen C.

Such a fun gift. Sent by a family member 1500 miles away, packaging arrived beautifully. Pictures don't do it justice.

Jenny M.

I was so excited to receive this box of seeds. My first thought was to send it to one of my daughters, but when I got it, I had to keep it for myselfI can't wait till next season to get them growing.

Anna R.

Who We Give To


The more you give

in this World , the more you get back.


Each product we sell

through Sproutbrite will have an associated charity.


We carefully select

accredited 501(c)(3) charities and donate 10% of the annual profit to that charity.

These are the first three charities we will be supporting through our company and product line! click on the links below to read more about them

We believe the World is a bright place.

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The timing is great and we've gotten some great responses from recipients

“Cutest box ever!”

Amy C.

“Such a special gift to receive at the time I received it”

Roberta F.